Story, Mission, Vision

We are UK's and world’s first dedicated online portal for female preferred rental properties. The idea originated at a coffee table chat among a group of friends. With further research, we found that the residential rentals sector was missing a female customer focused dedicated portal and an opportunity was quickly identified. But with full respect to gender, orientation and lifestyle diversity, the Pinklet portal welcomes everyone to use it without any discrimination. The range of colours in the Pinket logo celebrates that diversity.

Our mission is to make sure landlords and tenants have a positively distinct experience through the services provided by us.

Pinklet vision is to become the most trusted and recognized online portal brand for female preferred rental properties in the UK. With the amount of support receiving from all quarters of society to this young brand comes with a huge responsibility. To meet this we work relentlessly to ensure that our valued customers receive an exceptional level of service at all times.

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