3 Things to Consider When Renting a Property in London


London is one of the most exciting places to live, and if you’re moving there for work or looking for a job or a new experience, there are some things you should consider before you start looking for accommodation. You can obviously either buy a property in London or you can rent. Many people moving into the city will rent at first, as this gives them the chance to see if they like the area and also how well things are going for them there. Here are three things you should consider when renting a property in London.


  1. There will be other charges

On top of the cost of your rent, there will be other charges that you will need to pay. Apartment blocks will most likely have service charges – it’s very rare to find an apartment block which doesn’t have a service charge anywhere in the country. In London, this is often much higher than other cities around the UK, so if you’ve been living somewhere else and you’re moving to London, you should expect higher bills related to your property.


  1. You could save money on other things

Although you might have extra charges and fees to pay for certain things, you might be able to save money on other aspects of your lifestyle. For example, if you’re living in the city center, you will be able to save a lot of money on transport. If you have previously been commuting in the city and now you live there and your job is only a short underground ride away or even a walk, you’ll save all the money that you have been previously paying for public transport. Even if you used to drive into London for work, you won’t have to pay the toll when entering the city center and you’ll save on fuel costs too. You can read a bow property guide to find out more about specific areas.


  1. Think about the area you want to live

Before you start looking at more specific requirements for your property, such as the number of bathrooms or the style of the décor, you need to consider the best area for you to live in. Ideally, you will be living somewhere close to wherever you’re working, but if you have a job in one of the more expensive areas, it might be better if you live slightly further away (but still central), and commute a little bit further each morning. There is more to choosing an area than just the proximity to your place of work. Think about the other opportunities and facilities which are in the area, such as a good gym, places to socialize and meet people and transport links to areas outside of London.


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